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About Us

════ About Us

One-Stop Welding and Fabricating Shop

Proudly serving the entire state of Rhode Island since 1985, Mobile Welding & Fabricating is your one-stop shop for welding and fabrication services.

We specialize in on-site repairs and custom ironwork, and we have earned our reputation for reliability. We take pride in our community.

Our courteous and professional technicians are extremely adept at their craft. We have the industry experience to ensure your project is completed within the given time.

Call us today at (401) 267-2103 for a free estimate on our services. Asks us about our senior citizen and military discounts.

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Expert Welding and Fabrication Services 

Turn to us for welding repairs on all parts and equipment. We provide fabrication for all metals, including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and cast iron.

Get fabrication for construction equipment, buckets, truck bodies and more. We also handle walk-in coolers, aluminum floors and stainless steel sinks.

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